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Public Employee Salaries

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Name Position Department Gross Comp.
City Manager LEGISLATIVE $181,892
City Attorney LEGAL $171,205
Mgmt Svcs Dir Finance $158,600
Police Chief POLICE $141,301
Judge JUSTICE COURT $129,148
Fire Chief Fire $126,286
Police Lieutenant POLICE $120,140
Deputy Police Chief POLICE $117,679
Police Chief POLICE $115,868
Recreation Services Director Parks and Rec $113,649
Pw Director PW Admin $111,806
Sergeant POLICE $108,228
Captain Fire $105,471
Sergeant POLICE $104,036
Superintendent Bldgs and Grounds $102,744
Sergeant POLICE $102,674
Sergeant POLICE $99,970
Master Officer POLICE $99,214
Master Officer POLICE $97,188
Superintendent Water and Sewer $96,146
Superintendent Parks and Rec $93,834
Deputy Fire Chief Fire $92,425
Master Officer POLICE $92,253
Firefighter/paramdc Fire $90,712
Master Officer POLICE $90,637
Captain Fire $90,088
Master Officer POLICE $89,404
Master Officer POLICE $88,727
Sergeant POLICE $88,692
Master Officer POLICE $88,565
Captain Fire $87,705
Master Officer POLICE $86,791
Paramedic/ffii/de Fire $86,084
Superintendent City Shops $85,535
Master Officer POLICE $84,896
Deputy Fire Chief Fire $84,759
Hvy Equip Oper Ii Water and Sewer $84,379
City Planner Dev. Services $84,025
Captain Fire $83,901
Bldg/code Enf Officl Dev. Services $83,503
Sergeant POLICE $83,397
Superintendent Streets $81,443
Police Officer POLICE $81,148
Captain Fire $79,924
Master Officer POLICE $79,655
Fire $79,377
Officer Mgr/admin As Dev. Services $78,970
Captain Fire $77,841
Master Officer POLICE $77,732
It Specialist Information Technlgy $77,685
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Roy City was updated on Oct. 25, 2013, for Fiscal Year 2013. Records based on gross compensation, including benefits and other additional pay, for the 2013 fiscal year. Benefits are not paid to the employee, but paid on behalf of the employee. Records are supplied by the State of Utah from its transparency website. Data includes a breakout of pay type for each profile/record. If a name is protected by law, the name will be displayed as "Not Provided." Users can determine actual pay by excluding reimbursements, employee benefits, meal allowances, and compensatory/excess time earned.