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Public Employee Salaries

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Name Position Department Gross Comp.
Engineer Engineering $144,647
Chief Police $142,271
Admin Administration $132,211
Finance Director Finance $123,696
Pubwk Public Works $94,639
Pubwk Public Works $92,359
Parks Parks $88,508
Polic Police $87,681
Pubwk Public Works $87,466
Polic Police $87,047
Polic Police $79,851
Parks Parks $78,171
Recorder Administration $77,471
Pubwk Public Works $75,878
Polic Police $75,519
Comm Dev Director Planning/Zoning $74,331
Pubwk Public Works $72,254
Plan Parks $71,158
Pubwk Public Works $69,150
Polic Police $67,103
Pubwk Public Works $61,781
Pubwk Public Works $59,030
Pubwk Public Works $58,913
Secretary Planning/Zoning $53,762
Secretary Police $51,369
Polic Police $45,183
Clerk Finance $44,428
Clerk Finance $43,538
Polic Police $42,985
Court Court $40,642
Clerk Finance $40,339
Planning Technician Planning/Zoning $35,948
Mayor Council $32,424
Polic Police $26,494
Polic Police $24,552
Plan Planning/Zoning $23,116
Councilmember Council $20,815
Councilmember Council $20,798
Councilmember Council $20,798
Maintenance Special Parks $14,348
Libra Library $12,768
Libra Library $12,668
Councilmember Council $12,029
Parks Parks $9,888
Amb Driver Ambulance $9,697
Emt Ambulance $9,366
Parks Parks $8,327
Councilmember Council $7,912
Emt Ambulance $7,826
Emt Ambulance $7,766
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Mapleton City was updated on Nov. 22, 2013, for Fiscal 2013. Records based on gross compensation, including benefits and other additional pay, for the 2013 fiscal year. Benefits are not paid to the employee, but paid on behalf of the employee. Records are supplied by the State of Utah from its transparency website. Data includes a breakout of pay type for each profile/record. If a name is protected by law, the name will be displayed as "Not Provided." Users can determine actual pay by excluding reimbursements, employee benefits, meal allowances, and compensation.