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Public Employee Salaries

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Name Position Department Salary
Attorney Attorney $142,320
Comm Assist Admin $134,332
Econom Devel Economic Development $106,174
Road Deputy Sheriff $96,856
Dep Sheriff Sheriff $93,912
Sheriff Sheriff $93,551
Road Dept. Road $93,321
Jailer Jail $84,547
Clk/auditor Clerk Auditor $84,419
Sheriff Dept Sheriff $83,430
Road Dept. Road $82,656
Road Dept. Road $82,337
Treasurer Treasurer $82,172
Jail Sargent Jail $81,004
Sheriff Dept Sheriff $80,316
Recorder Recorder $78,866
Assessor Assessor $78,353
Road Deputy Sheriff $78,285
Sheriff Depu Sheriff $77,366
Sheriff Dept Sheriff $77,341
Sheriff Depu Sheriff $75,974
Road Dept. Road $75,023
Bldg&grounds Bldg/Grounds $74,732
Landfill Landfill $73,859
Jailer Jail $72,939
Weed Dept. Weed Abatement $72,518
J.p. Judge Court $72,198
Jailer Jail $72,158
Dep Sheriff Sheriff $71,945
Road Dept. Road $71,591
Road Dept. Road $71,333
Drug Task Force Drug Task Force $69,648
Road Dept. Road $69,614
Jailer Jail $67,832
Road Dept. Road $66,986
Bldg&grounds Bldg/Grounds $66,980
Sheriff Dept Sheriff $65,842
Attorney Attorney $65,459
Road Dept. Road $64,478
Road $64,463
Road Dept. Road $64,421
Attorney Attorney $63,678
Clk/auditor Clerk Auditor $63,344
Jail Jail $61,810
Assessor Assessor $61,199
Road/ec. Dev Economic Development $59,939
Recorder Recorder $59,672
Jail Jail $59,005
Jailer Jail $58,944
Jailer Jail $58,691
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Juab County was updated on Feb. 24, 2015, for Fiscal Year 2013. Records based on gross compensation, including benefits and other additional pay, for the 2013 calendar year. Benefits are not paid to the employee, but paid on behalf of the employee. Records are supplied by the State of Utah from its transparency website. Data includes a breakout of pay type for each profile/record. If a name is protected by law, the name will be displayed as "Not Provided." Users can determine actual pay by excluding reimbursements, employee benefits, meal allowances, and compensation.