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Name Position Department Salary
Interim President Price Campus -FT Staff $141,844
Vice President Of Institutional Advancement And Student Services Price Campus -FT Staff $100,560
Chief Financial Officer Price Campus -FT Staff*** $100,000
Vice President For Academic Affairs Price Campus -FT Staff $98,500
Vice President For Finance And Administrative Services No Longer Employed $96,325
Associate Vice President For Workforce Education Price Campus -FT Staff $95,654
San Juan Campus Vice Provost Blanding Campus -FT Staff $94,275
Dean Of Arts And Sciences Division Price Campus -FT Staff $90,000
Dean Of Professional, Career & Technical Education Division Price Campus -FT Staff $90,000
Dean Of Students Price Campus -FT Staff $90,000
Chief Information Officer Price Campus -FT Staff $90,000
Director Of Nursing Price Campus -FT Staff $76,626
Nursing Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $72,601
Welding Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $72,601
San Juan Campus Student Support Services Director/dean Of Students Blanding Campus -FT Staff $71,717
Trucking/heavy Equipment Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $70,841
Wetc Director Of Operations No Longer Employed $70,270
English Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $68,360
History Instructor Blanding Campus -Faculty $68,360
Business & Computer Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $68,360
Communications Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $68,360
Economics Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $67,268
Mining Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $65,070
Physics Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $64,954
English/literature Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $64,665
Director Of Administrative Computing/data Base Administrator Price Campus -FT Staff $64,363
Chief Of Police/auxuillary/facilities Manager Price Campus -FT Staff $64,363
Director Of Academic Records And Registrar Price Campus -FT Staff $64,363
Women's Basketball Coach/athletic Director/bdac Director Price Campus -FT Staff $63,236
Dean Of Student Services And Institutional Advancement No Longer Employed $62,774
Electronics Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $62,440
Business Instructor/small Business Development Center Director Blanding Campus -Faculty $62,062
Building Construction And Management Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $61,851
Welding Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $61,850
Director Of Microcomputing Price Campus -FT Staff $61,731
Mining And Industrial Safety Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $61,224
Dean Of Continuing Education No Longer Employed $61,167
Computer Science/math Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $60,971
Business, Computer, Information Systems Instructor Blanding Campus -Faculty $60,616
Social Science Instructor Blanding Campus -Faculty $60,616
Budget Officer Blanding Campus -FT Staff $59,660
Accountant Blanding Campus -FT Staff $59,660
Purchasing Agent/auxiliaries Manager Blanding Campus -FT Staff $59,660
Purchasing Director Price Campus -FT Staff $59,660
Human Resources Director Price Campus -FT Staff $59,660
Director Of Admissions And Scholarships Price Campus -FT Staff $59,208
Mathematics Instructor Blanding Campus -Faculty $59,169
Business Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $59,169
Nursing Instructor Price Campus -Faculty $59,128
Wetc Project Mechanic And Instructor No Longer Employed $58,750
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CEU last updated on 3-10-2010. Records based on gross employee earnings/wages for the 2009 calendar year, except those records listed with *** in the "Department" field. These records signify employees hired midway through 2009--figures reflect their salary rate for 09-10 fiscal year instead.