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Public Employee Salaries

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Name Position Department Gross Comp.
City Manager Administration $161,057
City Attorney Legal $154,101
Engineer ENGINEERING $153,524
City Planner PLANNING $136,413
Public Works Manager PUBLIC WORKS $128,608
Fire Chief FIRE $124,853
Water Operator I PUBLIC WORKS $74,696
Construction Manager/inspector ENGINEERING $74,584
Streets PUBLIC WORKS $74,444
Accounting Clerk Administration $73,584
Streets PARKS & RECREATION $73,492
Engineering Assistan ENGINEERING $71,797
Associate Planner PLANNING $67,240
Associate Planner PLANNING $66,242
Water Operator I PARKS & RECREATION $64,199
Clerk Administration $61,585
Accounting Clerk Administration $60,800
Water Operator I PUBLIC WORKS $59,140
Finance Assistant Administration $59,116
Parks Maintenance PARKS & RECREATION $58,039
Enforcement Officer ANIMAL CONTROL $52,111
Streets PARKS & RECREATION $50,799
Parks Maintenance PARKS & RECREATION $49,492
Receptionist/cashier Planning & Bldg $43,783
Receptionist/cashier Administration $42,380
Clerk COURT $26,370
Administrative Assistant ENGINEERING $24,529
Judge COURT $23,249
Firefighter FIRE $21,953
Clerk COURT $21,247
Clerk Administration $20,789
Legal Assistant Legal $20,505
Mayor City Council & P&Z $20,134
Firefighter FIRE $18,258
Enforcement Officer ANIMAL CONTROL $18,169
Firefighter FIRE $18,113
Firefighter FIRE $17,617
Firefighter FIRE $17,350
Receptionist/cashier Planning & Bldg $16,420
Firefighter FIRE $16,418
Firefighter FIRE $15,254
Firefighter FIRE $15,235
Firefighter FIRE $14,885
Firefighter FIRE $14,563
Firefighter FIRE $13,853
FIRE $13,827
Firefighter FIRE $13,466
Firefighter FIRE $13,313
FIRE $13,158
Firefighter FIRE $13,029
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Bluffdale City was updated on June 15, 2016, for Fiscal Year 2015. Records based on gross compensation, including benefits and other additional pay, for the 2014 fiscal year. Benefits are not paid to the employee, but paid on behalf of the employee. Records are supplied by the State of Utah from its transparency website. Data includes a breakout of pay type for each profile/record. If a name is protected by law, the name will be displayed as "Not Provided." Users can determine actual pay by excluding reimbursements, employee benefits, meal allowances, and compensation.