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Disciplinary Actions and Sanctions for Division of Real Estate

Lang, Terianne Tovey

State-Certified Residential Appraiser

Description of Licensing Actions or Disciplinary Sanction:
In a May 26, 2009 Default Order, it was ordered that Ms. Lang’s state-certified residential appraiser license be revoked, pay a $22,000.00 civil penalty, be prohibited from applying for any appraiser license, for a five year period, and if Ms. Lang should apply for any appraiser license with the Division, the application will be reviewed by the Board. In Ms. Lang’s review of three properties, she misrepresented the actual values of the properties and inflated the values of the properties by using inappropriate or misleading comparable properties which violates Utah Code Annotated 62-2b-29(2)(c). In rendering her market opinion on each of the three appraisals, she violated USPAP Standards in the following ways: failing to employ recognized methods and techniques, committing substantial errors of omission or commission, rendering appraisal services in a careless or negligent manner, failing to collect, verify, and analyze necessary information, failing to analyze all agreements of sale options and listings, failing to analyze all sales of properties occurring within three years of the appraisal, and failing to clearly and accurately set for the appraisal in the written property appraisal report. Ms. Lang also failed to comply with the October 9, 2008 Order of the Board requiring her to produce certain documents within 30 days, which violated Utah Code Annotated 61-2b-29920(i). Case # AP37648, AP42647, AP36784.