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Public Employee Salaries

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Jeanne Widerburg

Utah High School Activities Association


Office Manager

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $43,073.00

Utah High School Activities Association at a glance:

UHSAA last updated on 7-15-2009. Records based on gross compensation for the 2008 calendar year, and include employees that may have worked only part of 2008. Annual figures include stipends and other additional pay.
Highest Compensation:
Dave Wilkey - Executive Director
Lowest Compensation:
Heidi Bruce - Secretary
Utah High School Activities Association Population:
10 total employees
Other Office Managers:
RebeccaS Leake
Office Manager
ChristineA. Holland
Office Manager
Janell Clement
Office Manager
BettyAnn Rios
Office Manager
Debra Hill
Office Manager
Darhl McArthur
Office Manager
Kathleen Clark
Office Manager
Melinda Rollins
Office Manager
Tamera Martinson
Office Manager
Others from Utah High School Activities Association:
Kristi Widerberg
Secretary (terminated)
Evan Excell
Executive Director (retired)
Amie Wagstaff
Becky Anderson
Associate Director
Mike Petty
Supervisor Of Officials
Bart Thompson
Assistant Director
Heidi Bruce
Dave Wilkey
Executive Director