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Public Employee Salaries

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Deven C. Smuin

Smaller Water/Sewer Districts

Uintah Water Conservancy District

Seasonal - Laborer

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $645.00

Smaller Water/Sewer Districts at a glance:

Database consists of smaller water and sewer districts in the state. Records based on gross employee earnings/wages for the 2009 calendar year.
Highest Compensation:
Wesley E. White - Manager
Lowest Compensation:
Daryl T. Duncan - Seasonal - Laborer
Smaller Water/Sewer Districts Population:
119 total employees
Other Seasonal - Laborers:
DarylT. Duncan
Seasonal - Laborer
B.J. Riddle
Seasonal - Laborer
DevenC. Smuin
Seasonal - Laborer
DallasM. Smuin
Seasonal - Laborer
Lane Jackson
Seasonal - Laborer
Others from Smaller Water/Sewer Districts:
ScottLloyd Crozier
Temp. Summer Employee - Equip. Operator
John Jacobs
Dennis Green
Trustee - Elected
WilliamR. Merkley
Board Member
BrandonP. Murray
Project Operator - Dam Tender
Dorella Hanford
Office Clerk
GeorgeR. Mason
Part-time Water Operator