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Public Employee Salaries

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Santina Valente


Parks Maint. Lead Worker

Public Salary Information:

Hourly Rate: $18.00

at a glance:

Highest Compensation:
Ricky Horst - City Manager
Lowest Compensation:
Bradley Marlor - Council Member
218 total employees
Other Parks Maint. Lead Workers:
Santina Valente
Parks Maint. Lead Worker
Kelly Smolik
Parks Maint. Lead Worker
Santina Valente
Parks Maint. Lead Worker
John Rose
Parks Maint. Lead Worker
David Chandler
Parks Maint. Lead Worker
Others from :
Andrew Butler
Fire Captain
Ty Montalvo
Building Chief Official
Pamela Rasmussen
Animal Control Lead Worker
Allen Crist
Police Sergeant
Russell Avery
Firefigher Engineer
Timothy Prince
Senior Police Officer
Michael Richards
Firefigher EMT- I
Brooks Clark
LS Visual Maintenance Worker