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Public Employee Salaries

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James Murray


Firefigher Emt- I

Public Salary Information:

Hourly Rate: $14.00

at a glance:

Highest Compensation:
Ricky Horst - City Manager
Lowest Compensation:
Bradley Marlor - Council Member
218 total employees
Other Firefigher EMT- Is:
Michael Richards
Firefigher EMT- I
Benjamin Penick
Firefigher EMT- I
Christopher Richards
Firefigher EMT- I
Russell Bybee
Firefigher EMT- I
Shannon Luckart
Firefigher EMT- I
Ryan Ray
Firefigher EMT- I
Lacey Mitchell
Firefigher EMT- I
James Murray
Firefigher EMT- I
Others from :
Jared Velez
Firefigher Engineer
Brandon Smith
Master Police Officer
Matthew Evans
Police Lieutenant
Laura Earley
Fire Assistant
Thomas Land
Streets Maintenance Worker
Andrea Markham
Public Works Assistant
James Wiley
Parks Manager
Michael Farnsworth
Fire Captain