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Public Employee Salaries

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Jalair Janke

Bountiful Irrigation District

Adminstration Assistant

Public Salary Information:

Total/Gross Compensation: $ 18,720.00

Adminstration Assistant -
Water ,

Bountiful Irrigation District at a glance:

Bountiful Irrigation District was created January 12, 2012, for the Fiscal Year 2011. The above salaries reflect compensation ONLY, and do not reflect any benefits, bonuses, or incentives at this time.
Highest Compensation:
Lowest Compensation:
Jalair Janke - Adminstration Assistant
Bountiful Irrigation District Population:
9 total employees
Other Adminstration Assistants:
 Diane C. Ellis
Adminstration Assistant
 Jalair Janke
Adminstration Assistant
Others from Bountiful Irrigation District :
 Wesley E. White
 Paul C. Schow
Supervisor System Specialist
 Matthew B. Terry
Operator Maintenance L
 Kirk Gough
Foreman Computer Tech
 Kurtis S. Anderson
Operator Maintenance L
 Richard R. Hales
Foreman Heavy Equiptment System Operator
 Jalair Janke
Adminstration Assistant
 Randy R. Lance
Operator Maintenance Lll