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Public Employee Salaries

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Christine K. Fresh

Student Services

Nursing Secretary

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $10,238.00

at a glance:

Highest Compensation:
Michael J. Bouwhuis - Campus President
Lowest Compensation:
Jaren J. Campbell - Adjunct Instructor
492 total employees
Other Nursing Secretarys:
SheriK. Stalworth
Nursing Secretary
SheriK. Stalworth
Nursing Secretary
ChristineK. Fresh
Nursing Secretary
Others from :
GregM. Fox
Adjunct Instructor
Kristie Hettinger
Adjunct Instructor
HoroldM. Weekes
Adjunct Instructor
MarcM. Karpowich
Composite Materials Instruct
Connie Pilkington
Financial Aid Technicia
ScottT. Petersen
Information Technology
RamaG. Rasmussen
Business Technology Ins
WendeeS. Cole
Instructional Admin Asst