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Public Employee Salaries

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Christine K. Fresh

Student Services

Nursing Secretary

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $10,238.00

at a glance:

Highest Compensation:
Michael J. Bouwhuis - Campus President
Lowest Compensation:
Jaren J. Campbell - Adjunct Instructor
492 total employees
Other Nursing Secretarys:
SheriK. Stalworth
Nursing Secretary
SheriK. Stalworth
Nursing Secretary
ChristineK. Fresh
Nursing Secretary
Others from :
KimS. Sundstrom
Instructional Assistant
SteveE. Berger
CAD/Drafting Instructor
LauraleeG. Horrocks
Accounts Payable Techni
AlysiaM. Woodruff
Adjunct Instructor
GeorgeE. Young
Adjunct Instructor
TiffinC. McPherson
Adjunct Instructor
JeanM. Cheney
Adjunct Instructor
MindyV. Tulane
CNA Instructor