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Public Employee Salaries

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Carey J. Stephens


Certified Nurse Assista

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $914.00

at a glance:

Highest Compensation:
Michael J. Bouwhuis - Campus President
Lowest Compensation:
Jaren J. Campbell - Adjunct Instructor
492 total employees
Other Certified Nurse Assistas:
Angela Pierson
Certified Nurse Assista
MichelleN. Heath
Certified Nurse Assista
DianeH. Marchant
Certified Nurse Assista
CareyJ. Stephens
Certified Nurse Assista
KatherineM. Defisher
Certified Nurse Assista
ManuelaC. Ramos
Certified Nurse Assista
KendraD. Lemons
Certified Nurse Assista
Others from :
ShawnJ. Bias
Security/Risk Specialist
VerleneM. Smith
Commons Host
HeatherL. Jones
Customer Service Rep
KristopherC. Loosemore
Food Service-EGEN
MaryH. Clayton
Practical Nursing-GEN
GarettN. Oberg
Federal Work Study
RussellS. Galt
VP Of Administrative Services
RobertR. Dysart
IT Specialist