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Public Employee Salaries

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Julie Anna Duckett

Five County Association Of Governments

Senior Corps

Program Coordinator

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $10,832.00

Five County Association Of Governments at a glance:

Five County AOG last updated on 3-9-2011. Records based on gross employee earnings/wages for the 2009 calendar year.
Highest Compensation:
Kenneth Lee Sizemore - Executive Director
Lowest Compensation:
Jill Phillips - Intake Worker
Five County Association Of Governments Population:
66 total employees
Other Program Coordinators:
Scott Morse Jr
Liliana Riboldi
Program Coordinator
HannahJ Silvey
Program Coordinator
Matthew Dodge
Program Coordinator
Rachel Draper
Program Coordinator
Elinor Cox
Program Coordinator
Blair Hacker
Ryan Nelson
Mae Aguayo
Program Coordinator
 Abigail Havea
Program Coordinator
Others from Five County Association Of Governments:
LindaCarol Sappington
Program Director
DouglasH Carlson
Program Director
JaneH Lewis
Community Action Planner
K Wood
Intake Worker (former)
RichardT. Stowell
Community Planner
DannaL Alvey
Administrative Svs. Specialist
BarbaraJ Hagen
Case Manager
DarrenI Janes
Senior Planner