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Public Employee Salaries

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Maughan Guymon

Southeast Association Of Governments


Program Director

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $39,310.00

Southeast Association Of Governments at a glance:

Southeast AOG last updated on 2-17-2011. Records based on gross employee earnings/wages for the 2009 calendar year. Employee work status included under job position in some cases.
Highest Compensation:
Bill Howell - Execiutive Director
Lowest Compensation:
Josh Pierce - Maintenance/custodial - Part Time
Southeast Association Of Governments Population:
80 total employees
Other Program Directors:
CarrieCarter Schonlaw
Program Director
Maughan Guymon
Program Director
SherriLynn Dial
Program Director
Michael Caldwell
Program Director
Lynne Berman
Program Director
JohnS Demille
Program Director
Chris Rowley
Program Director
Tammy Huffman
Program Director
LindaCarol Sappington
Program Director
Others from Southeast Association Of Governments:
Julie Price
Emery County Senior Center Cook
John Lessar
Food Bank Worker - 60% Time
Melanie Pierce
Driver - Part Time
Sharon Seely
Cook - Part Time
Molly Scovill
Emery County Senior Center Cook
Bryce Dinkelman
Weatherization Crewman
KarenP Williams
Custodial - Part Time
Brandon Nez
Weatherization Crewman