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Public Employee Salaries

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Shannon Riddle

Sevier County

Ambulance Service

Ems Volunteer

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $60.00

Sevier County at a glance:

Sevier County was updated on March 26, 2012 for Fiscal Year 2010. Records based on gross compensation, including benefits and other additional pay, for the 09-10 fiscal year. Benefits are not paid to the employee, but paid on behalf of the employee. Records are supplied by the State of Utah from its transparency website. Data includes a breakout of pay type for each profile/record. If a name is protected by law, the name will be displayed as "Not Provided." Users can determine actual pay by excluding reimbursements, employee benefits, meal allowances, and compensatory/excess time
Highest Compensation:
Dale P. Eyre - Elected
Lowest Compensation:
Shannon Riddle - Ems Volunteer
Sevier County Population:
202 total employees
Other EMS Volunteers:
 Cancel Duplicate - Matt Cox
EMS Volunteer
TracyM Thurgood
EMS Volunteer
Andrew Rasmussen
EMS Volunteer
Spencer Redden
EMS Volunteer
JamesK Anderson
EMS Volunteer
Paul James
EMS Volunteer
Trent Halliday
EMS Volunteer
Chet Torgersen
EMS Volunteer
Heather Ellett
EMS Volunteer
La\'Tisha Lamprecht
EMS Volunteer
Others from Sevier County:
Carolyn Bagley
Deputy Recorder
PamW Bigelow
Mark Rickenbach
StevenD. Rowley
Weed Sprayer
Robert Lund
EMS Part-time
Matthew McLean
Wren Gardner
EMS Part-time
Belinda Carter