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Public Employee Salaries

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John S Demille

Utah College Of Applied Technology


Program Director

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $13,920.00

Utah College Of Applied Technology at a glance:

UCAT last updated on 3-23-2010. Records based on gross employee earnings/wages for the 2009 calendar year. UCAT Administration listed on University of Utah salary database.
Highest Compensation:
Richard L Maughan - President
Lowest Compensation:
Shelly W Merryweather - Substitute Instructor
Utah College Of Applied Technology Population:
1,142 total employees
Other Program Directors:
SherriLynn Dial
Program Director
Laurel Sampson
Program Director
JohnS Demille
Program Director
Lynne Berman
Program Director
David Attridge
Program Director
LindaCarol Sappington
Program Director
LynetteK Bujack
Program Director
JulieS Brinley
Program Director
Tammy Huffman
Program Director
ElizabethL Barker
Program Director
Others from Utah College Of Applied Technology:
Nancy Daley
Accounts Payable Clerk
CharlesL Campbell Jr
Stephanie Lewis
Cosmetology Instructor
AlisonR Young
WIA Counselor
Kenneth Hathaway
Welding Instructor
ScottL Searle
Jennifer Streker
Instructional Services Program Director
MartinaK Ming