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Public Employee Salaries

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Greg Schnathorst

Utah College Of Applied Technology


Work Study

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $1,824.00

Utah College Of Applied Technology at a glance:

UCAT last updated on 3-23-2010. Records based on gross employee earnings/wages for the 2009 calendar year. UCAT Administration listed on University of Utah salary database.
Highest Compensation:
Richard L Maughan - President
Lowest Compensation:
Shelly W Merryweather - Substitute Instructor
Utah College Of Applied Technology Population:
1,142 total employees
Other Work Studys:
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Jacob Stott
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Mary Bacon
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Larry Steeley
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Morgan Ferrin
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Shaundra Matheson
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Others from Utah College Of Applied Technology:
Roxanne Barker
CNA Instructor
DarrylRichard Rohler
Sheet Metal Instructor
Aleta Boyce
Instructor, Marketing Specialist
Jacob Hall
SandraA Charry
NickolasD Howell
Martha Kennedy
Cosmetology Receptionist
JohnMarkO Manuta