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Public Employee Salaries

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Walt Lacy

College Of Eastern Utah

Blanding Campus -ft Staff

Information Technology Manager

Public Salary Information:

Annual Rate: $46,682.00

College Of Eastern Utah at a glance:

CEU last updated on 3-10-2010. Records based on gross employee earnings/wages for the 2009 calendar year, except those records listed with *** in the "Department" field. These records signify employees hired midway through 2009--figures reflect their salary rate for 09-10 fiscal year instead.
Highest Compensation:
Michael King - Interim President
Lowest Compensation:
Angelia Crowther - Administrative Assistant
College Of Eastern Utah Population:
277 total employees
Other Information Technology Managers:
GregF. Scherer
Information Technology Manager
GregF. Scherer
Information Technology Manager
Walt Lacy
Information Technology Manager
Others from College Of Eastern Utah:
Darla Cloward
Administrative Assistant To The Vice Prsident For Academic Affairs
Tauna Larson
Educational Talent Search Advisor
Leon McElprang
Instructor, Heavy Equipment And Trucking
Ruby Vasquez
Golden Grille Supervisor
Eric Mantz
Chief Information Officer
Sheri Montella
Upward Bound Coordinator
Gordon Palmer
Maintenance Specialist
Juanita McEvoy
Director Of Administrative Computing/Data Base Administrator