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Restaurant Inspections

for Salt Lake Valley

Restaurant Inspections

The Salt Lake Tribune is conducting an ongoing quest for restaurant and food establishment inspection information from health departments across the state.

This database is currently made up of restaurant inspections from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department from August 2004 to November 2010, made possible with our public-records requests, made under the state's Government Records Access and Management Act [GRAMA].. As such, this database is provided "as is," and makes no representation, either expressed or implied, that all information is accurate.

Records in the database generally include establishment name, address, inspection date, inspection type, comments, codes violated and a brief description of what the violation codes mean. Refer to the Salt Lake Valley Health Department’s Web site for a more detailed description of these violation codes. Click here and select “Food Sanitation Regulation” for detailed violation codes.

Critical Violations are signified by an asterisk (*) next to the Violation Description.


Some restaurant and food establishments were licensed in a non-incorporated city and have been listed under Salt Lake County or Out of County.

Some facilities may have numerous food establishments, and this information is not broken out in the data set. Therefore, food establishments within the Delta Center/Energy Solutions Arena, E Center/Maverik Center, large hotels, hospitals, etc. have been combined within their respective facility to show combined violation totals.

If you have a comment or concern about information listed in this database, please email us at: