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Childcare Citations

Since August 2005

Childcare Citations

The Salt Lake Tribune is conducting an ongoing quest for child care inspection reports and citations from the Utah Department of Health and Bureau of Child Care Licensing.

This database is currently made up of childcare citations in the State of Utah from August 2005 to August 2011, made possible with our public-records requests, made under the state's Government Records Access and Management Act [GRAMA]. As such, this database is provided "as is," and makes no representation, either expressed or implied, that all information is accurate.

The health department has provided records including provider name, survey date, survey type, rule number, rule description and a detailed explanation of findings and deficiencies.

Users can search by provider name or sort the entire database by city or amount of citations. After selecting a provider, the results page will return survey date, survey type, rule number and a link for more details.

If a provider is unlisted, it means they either have no cited findings, are an Exempt Childcare Provider, or they are unlicensed. To confirm that a provider is licensed, use the "Find A Provider" link on the Bureau of Child Care Licensing Web site. If you still cannot find the provider in question, please contact the appropriate Region Office to inquire about potential unlicensed providers.

If you have a comment or concern about information listed in this database, please email us at: