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Howard Nichole

Provider Type:
Licensed Family Child Care

Initial License Date:

Citation Date:

Survey Type:
Follow Up

Rule R430-90-8(9)(a)-(g):08:
The licensee shall establish, and shall ensure that all providers follow, written policies and procedures for the health and safety of each child in care. The written policies and procedures shall address at least the following areas: (a) direct supervision and protection of each child at all times, including when he or she is sleeping, outdoors, and during off site activities; (b) procedures to account for each child`s attendance and whereabouts; (c) the licensee`s policy and practices regarding sick children, and whether they are allowed to be in care; (d) recognizing early signs of illness and determining when there is a need for exclusion from care; (e) discipline of children, including behavioral expectations of children and discipline methods used; (f) transportation to and from off site activities, or to and from home, if the licensee offers these services; and (g) if the program offers transportation to or from school, policies addressing: (i) how long a child will be unattended by a provider before school starts and after school lets out; (ii) what steps will be taken if a child fails to meet the vehicle; and (iii) how and when parents will be notified of delays or problems with transportation to and from school.

Review of the written policies and procedures showed they do not include the following: how long a child will be unattended by a provider after school lets out, and what steps will be taken if a child fails to meet the vehicle. This rule was previously out of compliance on December 10, 2008 and January 26, 2009. This rule must be in compliance by April 30, 2009. If this rule is not in compliance by April 30, 2009, you will be assessed a $50.00 Civil Money Penalty.