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District Court Charges

From 1997 - 2015

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Name Filing Date Violation Description Judgement
3/26/2014 Burglary Of A Vehicle Guilty
3/26/2014 Theft Guilty
12/15/2015 Theft By Receiving Stolen Property Guilty
10/24/2013 Possession Or Use Of A Controlled Substance Guilty
9/8/2014 Careless Driving Guilty
9/8/2014 Speeding Guilty
9/8/2014 Failure To Register Or Expired Vehicle Registration Guilty
6/19/2014 Possession Or Use Of A Controlled Substance Guilty
6/19/2014 Possession Or Use Of A Controlled Substance Guilty
10/21/2008 Hunt Big Game W/o Valid Lic/perm/tag(res Guilty
8/15/1997 Distribute/offer/arrange To Dist C/s {Guilty Plea}
10/27/1999 Disorderly Conduct No Contest
1/29/1997 Use Or Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia {Guilty - Bench}
2/7/1997 Carrying Concealed Dangerous Weapon {Guilty - Bench}
10/30/2014 Retail Theft (shoplifting) Guilty
7/28/2015 Aggravated Assault Guilty
7/28/2015 Criminal Mischief:intentional Damage;deface;destroy Property Guilty
8/6/2013 Unlawful Purchase By Interdicted Person Guilty
8/6/2013 Intoxication Guilty
2/8/2008 Assault Against Police Officer Guilty
2/8/2008 Retail Theft (shoplifting) Guilty
3/5/2009 Simple Assault Guilty
3/5/2009 Fail To Stop At Command Of Law Enforceme Guilty
11/17/1998 Hours For Park-closed Guilty
5/23/2000 Intoxication {Guilty Plea}
12/19/1997 Intoxication {Guilty Plea}
12/19/1997 Open Container/drinking Alcohol In Vehic {Guilty Plea}
5/8/2002 Disorderly Conduct Guilty
12/17/1997 Absconding {Guilty Plea}
4/7/1999 Absconding {Guilty Plea}
12/21/2004 Theft Guilty
11/5/2004 Theft Guilty
9/10/2004 Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia Guilty
5/7/2004 Criminal Trespass Guilty
1/18/2013 Retail Theft (shoplifting) Guilty
12/1/2008 Attempted Robbery Guilty
6/9/2005 Illegal Poss/use Of Controlled Substance Guilty
4/8/2004 Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia Guilty
7/17/2001 Attempted Sexual Abuse Of Minor Guilty
7/17/2001 Attempted Sexual Abuse Of Minor Guilty
2/29/2012 Disorderly Conduct Guilty
10/25/2001 Simple Assault Guilty
10/25/2001 Disorderly Conduct Guilty
12/18/2000 Intoxication {Guilty Plea}
4/24/2006 Simple Assault No Contest
10/18/2011 Assault Guilty
10/18/2004 Simple Assault Guilty
9/21/2005 Attempted Lewdness Guilty
9/27/2004 Intoxication Guilty
5/31/2001 Driving Under The Influence Of Alc/drugs {Guilty Plea}
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